Mound Hill Outfitters



So why join the MOUND HILL HUNT CLUB?

  • 2017 marks our 15th year as a professionally managed hunt club.
  • As a member, you will have access to hunt on over 2000 acres of our own personal farm tailored to produce superior trophy whitetail deer and turkey hunting.
  • This club consists of outdoorsmen sincerely dedicated and committed to the virtues and values of wildlife preservation, habitat management, and the pursuit of free range trophy deer and turkey.
  • Focus on harvesting mature whitetails only with emphasis on bucks 4 ½ years or older.
  • Access to online membership login for up to date club news such as harvests, shed hunts, and trail photos.
  • Pre-hung tree stands exist or you may use your own.
  • Multiple food sources including field corn and soybean along with other forage legumes are routinely planted.
  • Lodging is provided on the farm. There will be no need for you to drive a long distance to hunt. You may stay in one of our first class cabins during any trip to Mound Hill.
  • Detailed check-in and check-out system allowing membership to see who is on the farm at all times.
  • Club property boundaries are clearly marked and easily identifiable. As a member, you are expected to stay within these boundaries always respecting the rights of adjoining land owners.
  • Limited ATV use on the property, primarily for retrieving deer and hanging stands. We provide a tranquil hunting atmosphere; one allowing wildlife to roam freely with little disruptions to their daily patterns.
  • On-site club manager to facilitate club members' needs.

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