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Pricing for Hunting Leases: Ohio

How exactly does a lease consultant or landowner come up with the price of the lease? As hunting leases Ohio become ever more popular, the process for establishing a price becomes more complex. For some, this is just a side venture or a way of having a passive income. For others, the sale of leases to sports enthusiasts is their main livelihood and very high-stakes.

As with any venture that involves money, there are some documented cases of fraud in the leasing world. But with a little research the purchaser can allay any fears of being taken advantage of by doing some simple, yet revealing comparison-shopping. Another way to protect oneself is to go through a hunting leases Ohio broker. Brokers can be beneficial, as they will have more than just a general idea of the going prices for hunting leases in Ohio.

How Pricing For Your Hunting Leases Ohio Is Determined

Several factors affect the price of the lease. Much like a golf course, fees are determined by the location, accessibility, acreage of the property, and the aesthetic beauty and maturity of the land.

The quality, diversity and size of the wildlife can play a role too. This goes back to the previous note about quality of the feeding ground (land). Heavy competition amongst animal species eliminates an abundance of fauna and hence leads to starvation or underdevelopment of species dependent upon plants.

The amount of time the owner spends on the property affects the price of the hunting lease as well. Some owners are there part-time, and like to use the land for themselves as well. In which case they are adding to the crowdedness of the land and cannot get as much monetarily for the lease as if the land were completely abandoned. On that note, the more hunters there are that are sharing the land the more the price begins to drop. as well as if there is running water and electricity.

Lastly, one needs to consider if amenities are important to them. While some don't mind roughing it, after your third day or so without a shower even the hardened hunter can start wishing for running hot water. If you're camping this may be an issue, but if you have your own self contained RV (recreational vehicle) this may not be a problem. Campers with their own RV will need a place to plug in every other night and recharge as solar powered technology cannot do the job 100% alone yet.