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Ohio Deer Hunting

The sense of smell is revolutionizing Ohio deer hunting. While hunters have long known that a deer's nose is its best defense, science provides new ways for hunters to control their own smell. Studies have shown that deer have a complex sense of smell and can smell as many as 7 different smells at once. Perfumes and deodorants only give the deer more to smell. Instead of merely masking human smell with other smelling agents that the deer can also smell, new efforts have concentrated on eliminating or at least minimizing the scent of human smell altogether.

The Sense of Smell and Ohio Deer Hunting

Some smell controlling techniques are mere common sense. Showering makes a good start of the day when it comes to Ohio deer hunting. The stereotype of the smelly woodsmen can be sensed a mile away. Also watch for cooking smoke. Change clothes before you make dinner, and never wear your hunting clothing while cooking. Smell like breakfast, and you'll miss your dinner.

Choose hunting clothes that have been scientifically designed to control human odors. Some companies infuse silver into their clothing to help prevent natural body odors. New technology has improved outdoor clothing to be more breathable and flexible. By controlling scent, hunters can really improve their success with Ohio deer hunting.