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Ohio Deer

Everyone needs rewarded, even Ohio deer. Maintaining a healthy deer population means more than enforcing hunting quotas. It means bribing the deer to come to you. Deer attractants keep deer families from leaving an area and living someplace else. Maintaining a healthy piece of land encourages more Ohio deer to settle in and call it home.

Ohio Deer and Food Plots

One of the best ways to attract Ohio deer is natural food plots. Some private hunting ranges will plant soybeans, corn and alfalfa in an effort to encourage deer. Cultivating food plots for deer can take time and considerable effort, but the success is well worth it. If you know where the deer go to eat, you'll have to scout less. Ideally, plant food plots that make an area attractive year round. Feed the deer, and they'll come to you.

Salt licks are also great ways to attract Ohio deer. Salt encourages muscle and bone growth. When installing salt licks, always remove leaves and sticks from the soil. Poor loose salt over the soil, and mix the salt into the soil with a stick. If you're using a block, dig a hole and drop the block in the hole.

Feed Ohio deer, and they'll call your deer stand home. Let them come to you.