Mound Hill Outfitters



Benefits of Ohio Hunting Leases

When you obtain your Ohio hunting leases through Mound Hill Outfitters there are many benefits. You will enjoy the wildlife habitat management, exclusivity, and low cost access to prime hunting land. We currently grow throughout the year clover, chicory, alfalfa, corn, wheat, and soybean (all the deer's favorite foods!). We also have an abundance of mineral licks placed strategically throughout the hunting grounds. These little things that we do for the deer's health pay big dividends by providing you with healthy, bountiful, and disease free deer. Getting your Ohio hunting leases through Mound Hill Outfitter's means that you are supporting intense sustainable practices geared towards ensuring the survival of whitetail deer and all other forms of wildlife.

Mound Hill Outfitters Commitment to Excellence

You also enjoy the benefit of our professionalism and expertise. We do not allow ATV's on the property as a commitment to a quiet hunting experience. We believe that hunting should be experienced the way that our Native American ancestors (for which this property is named) experienced it. In peace and solitude, without the modern day noises of whining motorcycle engines and gas can smells. But don't worry; we still have a few modern day conveniences in our state-of-the-art cabins with showers, laundry room, beds, full service kitchens (microwave, stove and refrigerator) with extended bars. But we do hope you will partake of our buffet style catered meals and leave the cooking chores to us where it belongs.

Something For Everyone

If your partner/spouse does not care to hunt there tons of activities with which to keep busy. Our hiking is breathtaking and we will show you safe trails to take and show you how to avoid coming into contact with hunters and what to wear in case you do. We also have horseback riding on trails that seem endless and allow you to lose yourself in nature - not your worries. Local bodies of water provide excellent canoeing, and while you're at it why not sink a fishing line down in there as well.

Perhaps the best benefit to obtaining your Ohio Hunting Leases through Mound Hill Outfitters is you take advantage of our team's combined expertise of 5 experienced hunters. We will make sure that you are treated professionally regardless of your level of expertise or age. All our welcome and we look forward to seeing you in the coming hunts whether they are for deer or turkey!