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Ohio Hunting

Taking a stand can have 2 different meanings in Ohio hunting. It can either refer to setting up a deer stand in a favored location, or settling into a favorite sitting spot and waiting for the game to come along. With either approach, location is central. It's important to not only hunt in a region in Ohio ripe with deer, but also choose an area where deer populations are cultivated and encouraged.

Location and Ohio Hunting

For starters, always plan to head south for any deer hunting trip. Southeast Ohio hunting offers the best deer populations in the state. More deer are harvested in Southern Ohio than any other region. Hunters enjoy such a bounty that many donate their deer to hunger food drives.

Next, choose a location in Southeast Ohio that actively cultivates deer. This means growing food plots for the deer- whole fields of clover, chicory, corn, wheat and soybean. It helps to bribe the deer a little, and it never hurts to fatten them up. Ohio hunting is all about location. The next time you take a stand, whether in a tree or under one, make sure it's in the perfect spot. The right place means all the difference between a freezer full of meat and going home empty handed.