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Ohio Trophy Whitetail Deer

Ohio trophy whitetail deer have earned their reputation. With nearly 250,000 deer harvested every year in the state, Ohio offers some of the best hunting prospects in the country. Many cite Ohio as being the premiere place for Ohio trophy whitetail deer. Some of the largest bucks in the world have been harvested in Ohio.

The Abundance of Ohio Trophy Whitetail Deer

It's genes, nutrition and age that determine the quality of Ohio trophy whitetail deer. Ohio has placed severe hunting regulations over the last several years, which has strengthened the deer population. Bucks were able to age into prize trophy game. Good genes and an ideal food supply have created a healthy and robust deer population.

Ohio also offers you a longer opportunity to bag that Ohio trophy whitetail deer. With deer hunting season starting in October and running through January, Ohio offers one of the longest seasons in the nation.

Southeast Ohio's robust deer populations have made the region ideal for Ohio trophy whitetail deer. The many woods and beautiful rolling hills make for perfect hunting scenery. The sparse population makes for an abundant deer population, perfect for the hunter at heart.