Mound Hill Outfitters



Specific Categories of Leases

The majority of leases, which are paid for by hunters, can be divided into 3 categories.

Daily Hunting Leases

Ohio whitetail leases by the day are usually the cheapest since the hunter will not be on the property for long. Since the hunters don't have the time nor the resources in the course of one day to familiarize themselves with the land, many landowners will offer guide services. It is not uncommon for the landowners themselves to provide guidance, or some will employ local guides or rangers to do this. Hunting dogs are also available for rent, but the majority of hunters prefer the familiarity of bringing their own hunting breed of dog. Transportation services are also sometimes offered with the vast majority of landowners renting out 4 wheel ATV motorcycles, which are incidentally excellent for hauling game. Since some game is very heavy this is a great option for transporting the carcass back to the butchering station. To illustrate a buck, can weigh up to 150 to 200 lbs live (before the head or antlers, innards and hooves are removed).

Short-Term Hunting Leases

Usually held for a week(s) at a time or for the duration of a particular hunting season. This situation is would be great for the landowner that would like to host multiple hunters throughout the year. For example, part of the year could be devoted to hunting quail, ducks or wild gees while the other time is divided into Ohio whitetail leases (hunting bucks or does). Due to the longer nature of the hunter or groups of hunters stay, some landowners provide cabin rentals or places in which to pitch camps. Camps can include either tents or camper vehicles.

Long-Term Hunting Leases

Usually held for a year and sometimes up to several years. These types of Ohio whitetail leases offer hunter's full access to all game at any time of the year, provided the animal is within season (certain months does are not allowed to be hunted due to their need to replenish the food chain with new offspring). Sometimes buying this type of lease, the landowner will offer discounts for purchasing several years in a row at once. Due to this being a long-term investment for both the leasor and the lessee, some landowners will allow the lessee to keep a small self-contained mobile home or trailer on the property.