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March, 2017
Mound Hill Hunt Club Members Newsletter - March 1, 2017

The 2016 deer season officially ended on Sunday February 5. And if proposals are approved by the wildlife council, our 2017 season will begin with bow hunting on September 30 and conclude on February 4. Ohio is a very unique state for deer hunting with the opportunity to hunt with either a bow or gun spanning over 4 months.

Recapping the 2016 harvest, our club took a total of 12 deer which is 2 more than the previous year. From a management perspective, it would be nice to harvest more doe this year. So when you are hunting please feel free to fill your doe tag anytime during the season with emphasis on October.

Congratulations to the following members for their trophy bucks taken this year: Dustin Karius, Jason Snider, Jim Abriola, James Smith, and David Morris. At 5 ½ or older, our largest was shot by Dustin on October 31 and scored nearly 169.

Two Banks 600lb gravity feeders have been installed. It seems the preferred mix is shelled corn blended with Record Rack. This supplemental feeding along with lush food plots and native habitat will continue providing our trophy deer with vital nourishment for maximum growth.

The annual winter trail cam survey is complete. Here is the “Hit List,” Double Time, Lefty, Oil Man, Tinker, and Noany. All will be at least 4 ½ or older moving into the 2017 season. Assuming a good growing season and favorable weather conditions, they’ll be ready for the wall!

We will continue to minimize pressure on all hunting property throughout the year. If you’ve never hunted our property, pre-season scouting is helpful. And it should be done prior to Sept 1. Our intent is to eliminate excessive movement from scouting or disturbing property prior to scheduled hunts.

Pictures, newsletters, member sign-ups, and other updates are posted to our website. Contact us with changes and revisions.

Membership invoices are attached for those not paid in full. If you are not receiving an invoice then you are paid in full for 2017.

The club’s bounty deer this year will be Double Time. He is a main frame 10 point with slight damage to the end of his left main beam in 2016. His sheds were found on 12/20/2016. Any member harvesting Double Time in 2017 will receive a complimentary 2018 membership. Let’s have a club member write Double Time’s final chapter!

This is our 15th year as a professionally managed hunt club, and every year just gets better.

Give us a shout anytime!

All the best,


April, 2016

Our members flat get it done spring turkey hunting. Even to our anonymous member that requires privacy, we cannot go without posting my friend! :) All very nice birds and memories of a lifetime, congratulations!

March, 2016

Mineral ready to go!

February, 2016

Nothing like working on food plots during a beautiful February day! Agriculture liming 5-6 months prior to planting stabilizes soil pH, enhances nutrient uptake, and promotes improved fertilizer utilization. The plots pictured below will likely be planted to a late season blend such as turnips. This makes our late season hunting on Mound Hill exceptional.

January, 2016

Having recently attended the Quality Deer Management Association's national convention, it provided a quick refresher regarding why we manage whitetail deer and habitat. Unbelievably skilled speakers were on hand to educate and articulate the importance of today’s deer herd. So when you are in the field tilling a food plot, pruning an apple tree, or clearing a trail, always remember you are being a great steward of the land. And you are not alone. Our hunt club embraces these principles and works diligently to ensure our land is managed in a first class manner. These principles are important to us – creating habitat for mature bucks and harvesting a defined age class only makes our hunting better.

December, 2015

As the year draws to a close, the Mound Hill Hunt Club would like to wish its members, affiliates, friends, and family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

April, 2015

Turkey season begins this Monday April 20th, good luck to the Mound Hill members and all others pursuing SE Ohio turkey hunting!

Recently, the Ohio Wildlife Council approved the following dates for the 2015-2016 Ohio deer season. Please use this guide as a reference when you select the weeks to hunt with the Mound Hill Hunt Club. Further information may be found on the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s website.

Overview of the deer seasons for 2015-2016:

  • Deer archery: Sept. 26, 2015-Feb. 7, 2016
  • Youth deer gun: Nov. 21-22, 2015
  • Deer gun: Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2015; Dec. 28-29, 2015
  • Deer muzzleloader: Jan. 9-12, 2016

The photo below is a recent set of sheds found near Mound Hill property. As you can see our local deer herd is in great shape. Our control and management efforts are starting to yield some fantastic results. It’s a collective effort that takes commitment and work from all involved. The Mound Hill Hunt Club continues to experience excellent trophy deer and turkey hunting in beautiful Southeastern Ohio!

Check back for updated turkey harvest photos.

Mound Hill Shed 2015
January, 2015

2015 has arrived and with it comes a host of opportunity! Whitetail hunting on Mound Hill has never been better. With a 90% membership renewal rate, our club continues to strengthen. As the year progresses, please give us a call anytime with questions.

As with any deer season lots of statistical data becomes available at the conclusion of each season. Some of this data pertains to our membership. Three of our members have experienced tremendous success over the past few years. Of the combined 10 years amongst them, they have combined to harvest 8 Mound Hill trophies. And when we say trophies, how about an average score of 148 inches and 3 ½ years and older?

Currently, we are running trail cams, maintaining our trail system, distributing mineral, and planning for a great 2015. Be a part of something uniquely special! Experience trophy whitetail hunting with the Mound Hill Hunt Club!

July, 2014

Ohio Whitetail Hunting

Ohio Whitetail hunting has never been better. Year after year Ohio consistently tags some of the nicest trophy bucks. Recently, Mound Hill Farms has spotted deer that if harvested will certainly move the Boone and Crockett record books.

When ask about Ohio whitetail hunting we commonly reply, “Come and experience it.” You will be very pleased. In addition, to thoroughly enjoy Ohio whitetail hunting, one must seek professionally organized clubs or outfitters. Although Ohio hunting leases have gained in popularity, not all are productive.

Some of the questions you should be asking when searching for Ohio whitetail leases or clubs are:

  • Does the operator actually own the land or are they leasing?
  • How many hunters at any time?
  • And perhaps the best indicator, what percentage of your hunters are repeats?

Our club is proud to announce over 80 percent of our members return. Of course there are other questions such as on-site lodging, club managers, etc. In summary, to enjoy all the fine aspects of Ohio whitetail hunting, do your research.

June, 2014

Wow another hunting season is just around the corner! We still have new membership opportunities available for trophy deer and turkey hunters. If you think a membership is for you do not hesitate to contact us.

Our summer trail cam survey is about to begin and the results will be posted on our member login section soon. If last winter is any indication, we will be experiencing fantastic trophy whitetail hunting this fall. Food plots are growing, mineral is disbursed, and the feel is in the air-fall hunting is almost here.

Two of the pictures below are 2014 food plots, the third is seed, fertilizer, and mineral used this year and the last but certainly not least a picture of turkey eggs snapped by two of our newest club members from North Carolina during their recent trip to Mound Hill.

February, 2014

The questions about Mound Hill Hunt Club are so common.

  • What makes The Mound Hill Hunt Club the best trophy whitetail hunting club in Ohio?
  • How does the club sustain great Ohio trophy deer hunting year after year?
  • How is the club organized during the hunting season?
  • What is expected of a member?
  • Why should I join?

What makes The Mound Hill Hunt Club the best whitetail hunting club in Ohio? We are a group of sportsmen dedicated to enhancing our hunting land. We are unique because the property has a single owner who is a member himself. We have an on-site club manager that oversees our trophy whitetail property. As a member, on site lodging is available. Other amenities included are: club records, interactive website, pre hung tree stands, and year round access to club grounds for activities such as turkey hunting and shed hunting. You come to hunt with us at your discretion, based on the flexibility of your personal schedule. A large percentage of our memberships are repeats, thus proving we make sound management decisions with the dues you have committed.

How does the club sustain great Ohio trophy deer hunting year after year? We sustain great hunting year after year by intense and consistent management of our properties. What does managing our properties really mean? A few examples are establishing mineral licks, feeding supplement, developing food plots, conducting trail camera inventory, shed hunting, adequate trail systems, posting no trespassing signs and patrolling the property. Besides creating great habitat for trophy whitetail, all of these practices enhance our members’ trophy hunting experience. Our results speak for themselves with a compound bow harvest exceeding 170 plus Boone and Crockett inches along with a shotgun harvest exceeding 200 plus inches. We are definitely on the right track!

How is the club organized during the hunting season? Our club is organized through a meticulously well planned check in procedure, one which allows members to choose designated sections of our farm to hunt on certain weeks. And each member selects weeks at their discretion. So when they arrive at Mound Hill, farms are unpressured and ready for their hunts.

What is expected of a member? We target members with similar goals for their trophy whitetail hunting. We expect members to do the right thing at all times on our properties and we expect members to help our efforts in continuing to manage trophy whitetail. And above all, we identify members we can trust!

Why should you join? That’s a personal choice, but if you are looking for a place to hunt mature trophy whitetail with like-minded outdoorsmen on privately managed property then our club is for you. We select new members all the time, as long as they fit the mold we are searching: great people, mature whitetail, and a bunch of FUN. 2014 marks our 12th year as a professionally operated whitetail club and our level of commitment has never been stronger.

Ohio whitetail hunting has never been better! Contact us anytime to discuss your membership options for 2014!

January, 2014

Well it is definitely that time of year now, shed season at its best! The Mound Hill Hunt Club found our first shed on 1/21/14. Many more to come! Hunt trophy whitetail in southeastern Ohio with the Mound Hill Hunt Club!

December, 2013

As we near closure of yet another great year of trophy whitetail hunting with the Mound Hill Hunt Club-please be reminded of the holiday spirit-it’s true purpose and how it applies to our everyday lives. Regardless of our personal situations-we all have something to be thankful for during this time of year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Enjoy the pictures below-a behind the scenes look and a year-end review!

December, 2013

Found by a member while late season squirrel hunting, unfortunately this main frame 152 inch 10pt didn’t make it through the season. Sometimes closure is good on these big gnarly trophy whitetails, as well as another symbol of the great trophy whitetail hunting our membership experiences.

A special thanks to local wildlife officer Jared Abele for providing us with the appropriate documentation. Some may ask why it’s so important to report these deer findings. Most importantly, it assists state wildlife officials in the proper assessment of our Ohio whitetail herd.

October, 2013

Congratulations to Jim Hendrickson on the season’s first Mound Hill trophy whitetail-a massive 8 pt scoring 153 inches and tipping the scales at 240 lbs. Ironically, as one of our newest club members, Jim harvested this trophy buck on his very first hunt with Mound Hill from a tree stand hung the same day by club management. What an exhilarating experiencing for Jim, one sure to last a lifetime. We are looking forward to many great years with Jim managing and hunting with our club. What an example of the great trophy whitetail hunting we have in SE Ohio and more specifically Vinton County!

And special congratulations to Homer Kingsbury and Stephen Gardner for their early season bow hunts. Travelling from Vermont for memberships is a very big commitment! We very much enjoyed Homer and Stephen and look forward to their return. See Stephen’s (2) doe harvest in the pictures below.


Our season is off to a great start! Stay tuned for more up to date information. The rut is getting nearer, best of luck to all SE Ohio trophy whitetail hunters.

July, 2013

A special thanks to the Vinton County Chapter of Pheasants Forever and Randy Young for giving the Mound Hill Hunt Club an opportunity to lease their 6ft Great Plains grain drill! Also, thanks to Gary Ward for hauling our fertilizer! Plans are to drill 5 acres of late season soybean to enhance our trophy deer hunting on Mound Hill. Throughout the year, our club relies heavily on the support and work of local businessmen and industry leaders. Vinton County has many great folks to conduct business. We encourage you to seek these opportunities and utilize the many great resources our county has. Hunt trophy whitetail in Ohio with the Mound Hill Hunt Club! September will be here before you know it!

The pictures below represent the prep work in developing this food plot.

June, 2013

If any whitetail land manager could peg a month of rest-we vote for June. Typically, by this time of year Spring food plots are planted, mineral licks are established, tree stands are inventoried, and antlers are growing. All chores to ensure Mound Hill Hunt Club Members will enjoy another fine year of hunting. A well-managed hunting property doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes year round involvement. Our 2013 membership spans over 12 states, and many of those members only get limited time to hunt each year. And one of our fundamental goals is to provide each member with exceptional whitetail hunting experiences. So when the season arrives, we want our property ready to go. With that said, it’s easy to understand why we are so detailed and diligent with our land management practices.

The pictures below represent a snap shot of what has been happening on Mound Hill property during the past six months. Some are fun pictures taken from around the farm. Mound Hill is not all work and no play :)

Please enjoy your summer!

May, 2013

It’s never too late! This shed was found on Mound Hill property on 4/30/13. For more pictures of other sheds found this year please go to the member login section of our website! FYI, this shed has approximately 63 inches of antler-do the math. And he will be even bigger this year!

April, 2013

For this month’s blog see our April club newsletter.

“To the Mound Hill Hunt Club”

Hello Gentlemen,

As spring approaches on Mound Hill Farms, shed hunting draws to a close, turkey season is about to begin, and a host of other whitetail management chores and activities are about to kick off.

So as we roll into turkey season, allow us to remind you of a few important items.

Turkey Season Dates April 22-May 19 Youth Turkey Season April 20-21

Enclosed you will find the most up to date hunt schedule for our membership. If you are anticipating a change in your hunting schedule for 2013 and weeks are still available, please let Gary or me know as soon as possible. The new organizational structure of selecting weeks implemented this year has been widely accepted by our club. Thanks for all your feedback and remarks.

I have enclosed your 2013/14 hunting permission slips signed and verified. Please sign this copy and keep in your possession while hunting Mound Hill property. And if you see our local game warden, give him a handshake and tell him who you are hunting with. His name is Jared Abele, 740-589-9997. From all accounts, he has been doing a fine job as our local wildlife officer. I have personally spoken with him on a few occasions and have been impressed with his willingness to assist.

At the beginning of the year, Gary and I had discussions concerning our 20/20 plan. For those of you wondering-this plan consists of final incorporation of 20 food plots ranging in size from .25 acres to 5 acres along with 20 granular mineral licks established on Mound Hill property this year. And the management plan is being followed. As of this mailing, all 20 mineral sites have been established with over 800lbs of mineral disbursed since 1/1/13. The food plots are just now getting underway.

At last, I’ll leave you with this: I was reading an article a few days ago on and came across some highly critical memos posted in regards to another hunt club about an hour west of Mound Hill. The two points I came away with after reading was this. First and foremost, it is very important to continually adjust and review our membership selection process. Recruiting the right members for our club is critical. I firmly believe we have some of the best annual members this club could have. And of the 2013 membership, over 85% are renewals from previous years. The second point was how important good communication is between us “the club.” Keep this is mind as a member of the Mound Hill Hunt Club.

So with that said, if you have a friend or colleague that may have an interest please pass along our information. And most importantly, please do not hesitate to contact either me or Gary with any questions you may have concerning our club and your membership. Feedback is vitally important to our club’s continued success.

Let’s have a great 2013!

February, 2013

As we conclude another great Ohio whitetail season let’s reflect!

In today’s modern era of trophy whitetail hunting, it’s important to acknowledge and understand the future of our sport. Do we enjoy the experience as much as the harvest? More importantly do we share in that experience? Can we think beyond the harvest and what it means to share memories, sit by camp fires, reminisce, and gather with a common bond? Each year, members of our club give way to some of our trophy guidelines for these very things. For club members, Youth hunters are welcomed during the designated deer and turkey Youth Season(s).

Ask yourself, what is more important than our “Next Generation” of hunters? And ask yourself, who initially exposed you to the great tradition of whitetail hunting?

Below are photos of some of our local Youth hunters enjoying SE Ohio Whitetail!


January, 2013

January can be a very useful month for land/deer/club managers. Pending nasty weather and family obligations, this month serves as a great time to get a jump start on the upcoming season’s property chores. This is exactly what The Mound Hill Hunt Club is doing. Below is a list of five items that can be accomplished during January while managing your own whitetail mecca. Use them as a guideline while developing your very own free range whitetail habitat.

  1. Get mineral licks established and freshened up. At Mound Hill we distribute over 2000 lbs. of mineral each year and we strongly believe this has helped our deer. Remember, the minute bucks lose their antlers they immediately begin regenerating another set. Scientific data supports continual exposure to macro and trace minerals within the whitetail blood stream. And getting mineral to them as soon as possible is essential - we believe in the more the better.
  2. Relocate and maintenance tree stands. Now is the time to evaluate which stands were productive and which were not from the previous year. Minor adjustments in our hunting zones along with stand maintenance for the upcoming season can be time consuming. Get a jump on it.
  3. Shed hunt. Get boots on the ground and search for those fallen antlers. Not only will you have a great time exploring your hunting areas, but you will also get a good cardio workout. Not to mention, shed hunting is the best indicator of what bucks made it through the season.
  4. Mark property lines. Foliage is at a minimum this time of year, old fence lines and property boundaries are easily identifiable. Use this time to post your property and clearly mark boundaries. You will find that adjoining landowners will appreciate this as well.
  5. Continue building great relationships with local landowners. It is important they understand and recognize your management intentions. And who knows you may trigger some interest in joining your efforts.
December, 2012

As the deer season lingers, winter nights grow long and cold, and the post rut spins into action, let us reflect on a couple highlights from our season.

First and foremost, I just can’t say enough about the quality of our memberships. Throughout the season each one of you worked very hard at identifying and recognizing the trophy quality we look for as Mound Hill trophy hunters. And the results are in our harvest. Take a look at that trophy page with pride and see for yourself the quality of deer we have harvested. I stand firm in saying, we have the finest whitetail club in SE Ohio. But it’s because of each of you, the membership is the strength of what we symbolize-quality deer hunting and management.

A special thanks to Tom McManis and Stacey Tolley for their professional services snapping pictures of our club harvests. Stacey and Tom have done a terrific job for us and we as a club want to say thank you. They are local Vinton County photographers that we highly recommend.

Please see the pictures below highlighting our season to date.

October, 2012
Is it already October? Somebody please stop the clock! Another season is upon us.   There is much too report so let’s get started.
As of this posting, we have harvest one deer on Mound Hill property. Club members can access details inside our member login section. This is the month that we target thinning our doe population. With fewer mature doe, the rut cycle intensifies resulting in those big boys covering some ground. So if you’re hunting this month, take advantage of harvesting a mature doe. 
From a land management perspective most of our 15 active mineral licks are being heavily used and the fall food plots are looking great. To date, we have planted approximately 10 acres of turnips, brassicas, and other late season forages. Some plantings occurred over our cut corn fields and in highly populated areas. One member reported seeing over 17 deer in one plot!
While browsing the web this month, we found a useful sight. The below ODNR link will allow you to view current harvest data within the state of Ohio. And I believe they plan to update weekly. This should be a useful tool to determine which counties are producing record harvest.
For your information, the Ohio deer season runs from Saturday September 29, 2012 to Sunday February 3, 2013. That’s over 4 months of opportunity.
Take a quick glance at the below pictures! Southeastern Ohio produces another great trophy buck from a local hunter.   Although not physically harvested on Mound Hill property, it symbolizes the world class gene pool we are hunting. Harvesting a deer of this magnitude takes some serious management! In fact, after further research we found out the successful hunter spends many hours implementing a number of whitetail enhancing habitat management techniques. Congratulations to Him from the Mound Hill Hunt Club! And thanks for sharing.       


May, 2012

Congratulations to Steve Cruikshank for harvesting a Mound Hill turkey on April 24th. He along with another club member worked the ridge tops and called in that perfect gobbler. Steve’s turkey harvest was of particular joy due to recent leg surgery, it was a treat to see him enjoy his hunt.

The Spring season is up and running at Mound Hill. We have over 100 acres of standing corn planted. Mineral licks continue to provide vital nourishment and our food plot program is moving into a new year. It is our club’s goal to have all mineral in place, trail maintenance performed, and boundary lines marked by Memorial Day weekend. If visiting the farm this month, you may have noticed an ongoing timber harvest. This should be completed no later than May 1. Our primary goal with this harvest was to increase sunlight exposure to northern facing slopes thus creating more browse and thicker bedding areas. Our cutover ridge tops are being converted to food plot areas to further enhance hunting opportunities on this segment of our managed land.

2012 shed findings were discussed in last months’ post, but to bring you up to date, we have found a total of 35 sheds. John Kulp and Tom Shearer, two of our newest members found two sheds on their early April shed hunt. One of the sheds was a heavy beamed main frame eight point that should be a nice trophy this year. Robin Sierra also found a decent shed on Cole Mountain.

As we round out the turkey season on May 20, keep a close eye on updates and changes to the website. New turkey harvest photos along with food plot developments will be posted. Also, for current club members, your pictures should be posted in our members section. Please log on for up-to-date information. Enjoy the remainder of the month!

March, 2012

The Mound Hill Hunt Club has experienced some fantastic shed hunting this season. As of this posting (3-1-2012) we have found a total of 27 sheds on Mound Hill Whitetail hunting properties including two sets over 140 inches. Log on to the “Member Login” section of for additional pictures.

Thanks to Whitetail Institute, specifically Wayne and Kyle Crocker for delivering yet another bulk supply of mineral. Wayne and Kyle are great friends of the MHHC and we truly appreciate their effort with our club’s management goals. Our 15 mineral licks have now been replenished and ready for 2012. With the bulk of our free range herd now without headgear, the calcium, phosphorous, and other vital components of Whitetail Institute’s 30-06 mineral should be of great benefit to antler growth.

It’s that time of year again-another Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus, Ohio starting on March 16 and running through the weekend. This is a great time to see some of Ohio’s finest trophy whitetails on display and meet with some of the country’s most avid whitetail enthusiast.

We’ll leave you with a few pictures which many of you will appreciate. Two local trappers were recently given permission to trap coyote on Mound Hill Whitetail properties. As you can probably agree, the removal of these predators should increase the likelihood of fawn survival in the coming months. Thanks Taylor and Greg for your hard work eliminating a threat to our trophy whitetail population.

February, 2012

Take a look at this awesome set of sheds found by John. Although not found specifically on Mound Hill Whitetail property, but on nearby land, they represent the type of quality deer we have in SE Ohio. John Fields Sheds

February, 2012

Update! Take a quick look at these two doubles found.

Jasons Feed Lot

Jeremys Double Bone

January, 2012

Well we’re off to another great start in 2012! Jeremy officially found the first shed of the year on Sunday January 15. It was a small 1 ½ year old with five points on one side. With about 40 inches of antler on one side, nutrition will help this buck grow towards the trophy status Mound Hill is looking for.

The Mound Hill Hunt Club would like to send a special congratulation to John and Holly Fields on the birth of their son, James Fields, January 16, 2012.

Conversion back to a Hunt Club only

As most of you know, in 2007 Mound Hill was severely influenced by an individual looking to make a big splash into the whitetail industry, and made the decision to enter the guiding business. Affectionately, we are proud to announce our retreat back to our “Grass Roots,” where we started as a hunt club offering exclusive memberships only in 2003. The Mound Hill Hunt Club is shifting its philosophy away from guided hunts. These hunts certainly have their place in the whitetail world. However, our land and deer management goals do not support the guided approach to managing free range whitetail. Over the past five years we have made some incredible friendships by conducting these hunts but with no barrier of entry into Ohio’s guided whitetail service, outfitting has become a very promiscuous business. In fact, as a club we would argue for the Ohio Division of Wildlife to serve as the regulatory body governing the actions of any and all Ohio outfitters. It is a business that needs to be regulated both for the health of landowners and deer managers across the state. Certainly this doesn’t stand true for all the hardworking outfitters in Ohio but too many to parallel the Mound Hill Hunt Club. With that said, if you are looking for a quality guided hunt on productive whitetail ground, probably offers some of the finest you’ll find in SE Ohio. We have recommended their hunting operation to other trophy hunters.

As a hunt club/hunting organization we want to set ourselves apart from the rest. This is why we selectively screen and search for the most ideal club members each year. And this is why the strength of our club is a direct reflection of its members.

Keep your energy high as we move into shed season. Feel free to email to contact us anytime with your finds.

Until later,
Mound Hill Whitetail

December, 2011

What a year we’ve had on Mound Hill. Please review the website to see some of our deer taken during the 2011-2012 deer season. Thanks to all that have shared in the management of our whitetail deer herd this year. Within a few weeks, you should receive a holiday newsletter from us, if you have any questions or would like to hunt with us in 2012 please feel free to contact us anytime. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the joy of the season fill your hearts!

October, 2011

The Ohio deer season has gotten off to a great start. Southeastern Ohio has had some record book kills already. Publications such as North American Whitetail, Deer and Deer Hunting, and are great resources for up to date whitetail information.

As we move through the hunting season please read a few of our notes detailing what makes for a successful whitetail hunt.

Mound Hill Whitetails Keys to a Successful Trophy Whitetail Hunt

  1. Carefully scouted pre hung tree stands. Stands that are safely constructed, at appropriate height, and most importantly located in proper areas according to wind direction, food sources, and bedding areas.
  2. Knowledgeable hunt managers that understand the local area and the property hunted.
  3. Properly clothed for the entire hunt. Scent free clothing is highly recommended at all times during your hunt. Scent free soap and detergents are also a great idea.
  4. Proper rest and nutrition before and after your hunt. Getting a good nights’ sleep prior to your hunt will strengthen your awareness and ability to stay on stand throughout the day.
  5. Adequate marksmanship! One of the most rewarding moments is when that trophy whitetail finally presents you with an opportunity, be ready to make a clean precise shot.
  6. Eliminating background noise such as planes, vehicles, and human voices. Additionally, controlling nuisances such as dogs and trespassers from interrupting the hunt.
  7. Properly tracking a wounded deer after the shot.
  8. And perhaps the most important element is to have a positive attitude at all times.
September, 2011

The season is quickly approaching. Only a few short weeks until the start of our Ohio bow season. Good luck to the Mound Hill Whitetail hunters this year. As you all know, we have seen lots of trophy bucks in our hunting area this year. Let’s have fun hunting these majestic Freaks!

May, 2011

Our food plots are doing really well. The excessive spring rains have really helped our early plantings. The vegetation in southern Ohio is ripe and plentiful. Deer browse will be readily available. Mineral licks have been getting lots of use and the antlers are off to a great start for the 2011 hunting season. Good luck to the Mound Hill team as we wrap up the Ohio Spring Turkey season.

April, 2011

April is here with a bang!  All mineral licks have either been freshly established or re-established from previous years.  In total we have supplemented 12 licks with Whitetail Institute’s 30-06 mineral product. And the deer started using them immediately.  And to add to the excitement, a number of really impressive sheds were found over the last few months.  Last month, one of our dedicated club members experienced the thrill of finding two sheds off deer that should both reach the 150 plus category this season.  The progress we have made managing our local whitetail is paying off evident by our deer’s body size and sheds.  

This month marks the start of the Ohio Turkey Season (April 18th-May 15th).   Please do not forget to take a Youth Hunting on April 16th and 17th.  Ohio graciously dedicates two days prior to turkey season for our Youth Hunters to bag a bird.  What a great chance to share our hunting heritage.

Congratulations to Scott and Allan for bagging two birds on opening day.  We hope your first trip hunting turkey with Mound Hill was a great success.  And you are always welcomed back.

Congratulations to Nolan for being a world class turkey caller. :)

With a little luck, favorable weather pattern, and God’s grace we should be able to start planting this month!    April and May are big food plot and mineral months. 

March, 2011

Spring is just around the corner and our shed hunting is well underway. As a result of a mega acorn crop this year, a number of bucks in Southeastern Ohio have held onto their headgear longer than we anticipated. Nevertheless, we have been able to find a number of really nice sheds. Log onto our club section for a complete list of locations and dates each shed was found along with pictures. Our 2010, club harvest data has also been finalized. It too can be found under our club section.

Don’t forget the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo this month, March 18-March 20. Hours of operations are Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 9-7pm, and Sunday 9-4pm. This annual event is a great way to get out and interact with other trophy whitetail hunters. You will see many great Ohio bucks and maybe learn a thing or too!

Hopefully in the next few weeks the ground will dry enough to begin planting season. Along with developing our 2011 plots, we will be field testing mineral supplements and conducting some last minute scouting before Spring/Summer vegetation make their way across the region. So if your schedule permits get to the farm and enjoy whitetail management!

February, 2011

 Thunder, wind, hail, and then flurries dominated the Ohio landscape today. Two additional sheds were found to add to our 2011 collection. Also, unfortunately a small buck was found dead. The right main beam had already fallen and the left beam was small. We are starting to make solid progress on our 12 food plots for 2011. Weather permitting, we have been mowing food plots, removing fallen debris, performing trail maintenance, and testing soils.

Please login and take a quick look at the new postings on our club webpage. The 2011 calendar is now posted along with pictures of our sheds.

January, 2011

To all, just a quick note of thanks to those who hunted with Mound Hill this past year. The value of the friendships we developed cannot be over emphasized. We had an incredible year in pursuit of trophy whitetail. Both hunt club members and guided clients found themselves in the middle of trophy whitetail country. In the next few days, you will be receiving a club newsletter. If you have any questions about our hunting operation or what we are planning for 2011 please call either of us. So again, thanks for a great 2010.

Of special note, please allow us to extend a special thank you to the landowners of Vinton County that have either leased land or embraced our management techniques for their own private use. Managing for quality deer and quality deer hunting is an all hands effort requiring active participation/engagement, so thanks to all participating landowners.

 As most of you know, frigid temperatures have dominated Southeastern Ohio over the past few weeks. After a New Years’ Eve in the upper 60’s we have been experiencing cold temperatures with a lot of snow and ice. Nevertheless, today was a great day on Mound Hill! We found our first shed antler, although small this signifies the beginning of new antler growth and another whitetail season. I will attach pictures on our club section of the website.

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